Student Movement is specifically designed as a movement of students out toward the community. Rather than be a "ministry" within the church, our desire is for students to be a "movement" out into the community to reach their friends. We strategically do this in three areas: ENCOUNTER, EQUIP & ENGAGE. The goal is for students to come and ENCOUNTER Christ on Wednesday night during worship, become EQUIPPED on Sunday mornings, so that students can go out and ENGAGE their friends. Then hopefully those friends will come on a Wednesday night and ENCOUNTER Christ and so on and so on. We hope that you will join us on the journey as we work to be a MOVEMENT to our community!


    (7th-12th grade) meets on Wednesday nights. Doors open at 6:00 PM to the Student Game Room and Encounter kicks off at 6:30 PM in the Student Center. During this time students are engaged with live music, relevant teaching and a crazy good time. Come hang out with your friends every Wednesday during the school year. A full service snack bar with pizza, candy, soft drinks, and more is available so bring money for dinner or a snack.

  • Equip

    At LHC we believe that it is important for followers of Christ to become EQUIPPED with God's word in order to reach others. In the Student Movement we EQUIP students on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM in the Student Area! We start out with some hang out time in the Game Room, followed up by large-group interaction and instruction in the Student Center. From there, students break out to Life Groups to dig deeper into the lesson. When we break out, High School Guys meet in the Community Room, High School Girls meet in Room 106, Junior High Girls meet in Room 110, Junior High Guys meet in Room 112. LI Groups typically end around 12:15 PM. We hope that you will join us on Sunday mornings and allow us to help EQUIP you on your journey with Christ!


    Our goal at Student Movement is that every student would go out and ENGAGE their friends and others for Christ. This is our mission focus for students. The vision is that those students whom our students ENGAGE, would then come and ENCOUNTER Christ on a Wednesday night, and allow us to EQUIP them in God's word so they too would be able to ENGAGE others for Christ. 

Wednesday ENCOUNTERS with Pastor Brad

From March through May 2017 LHC's Lead Pastor, Brad Cunningham (aka PB), will be teaching our students on Wednesday evenings. These recordings of Wednesday's ENCOUNTER service are being shared with the intention of allowing you as parents the opportunity to listen to what's being taught and to look for opportunities throughout the week to engage in meaningful discussion with your students. We consider it a privilege to partner with you in this capacity!   SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST