“You all really go above and beyond in making our children’s preschool experience such a great one. It’s hard to believe that our family will be graduating for Liberty Heights this month! Between my two kids, we’ve had 6 great years at LH! Thanks to you all and the other wonderful teachers my kids have had at LH-we’ve had such a positive, Christ-centered preschool experience that I will always treasure.”

“Thank you so much for what you do! All 3 of my girls went thru Liberty Heights. You have an incredible program! Again, you run a great program and be proud of your teachers! They are the best!

“My oldest child, my first baby, attended Liberty Heights beginning in 2011! As most first time parents, I was nervous! How would she react, what would it be like, etc? But there is nothing to be nervous about! Everyone quickly learned my child by first name; they cared about her, and moreover helped her blossom into a beautiful big sister! Three years later, all 12 of her 2 year old friends are still attending Liberty Heights, which has a lot to say about a school! Her teacher today (trust me the others were great) has given her a gift that is irreplaceable, the love for reading! (I am a kindergarten teacher myself and I know firsthand where this gift can take a child.) Her teacher continues to share ways we can enhance the curriculum and love for learning in our own homes and let me tell you she has left big shoes for the future kindergarten teacher to fill!! I do, and will recommend this school to anyone! In three years, I have had not one negative experience and I am leaving with many, many positives! Your child will never be just a student at Liberty Heights, but an individual! (No matter who gets them from the car line, they still know their name.)

“I think most parents are quick to jump on thanking their teachers because we see the tangible effects on our children when they come home from school. But I wanted to pass a thank you to you and the staff. I honestly can't say I know all that you do. But I do know that you make sure we have qualified teacher who love our kids. I know that you are looking at the curriculum and trying to make sure that it is taught in a manner than our kids can maximize understanding. And I appreciate that Liberty Heights is God centered, teaching our kids about God and Scripture. I pray that through our home and school this sets our boys down  the right path in life. A special thanks to Wendy who helped my child get through getting out of the car this year. I'm sure every child has their own challenges, and that was one of his challenges this year. Thanks for all that you guys do for our kids.”

“I can't thank you both enough for the preschool year you shared with our daughter. She would talk nonstop about what she did at preschool, the songs she was learning, the fun she was having, etc. Our child really does soak it all up! Dinner table talk was always exciting for both of us. ‘We saw worms Daddy...Real live worms! And I touched one.’ The joy and love you both brought to her learning was evident. I kept thinking to myself this morning what defines education in preschool. To identify all you were teaching....  classroom, weather, letters, numbers, coloring, manners, behavior, social skills...and for the first time for these children! That's mind boggling. But what you both shared was more than any of those combined...love for those kids and for their education. We couldn't be more grateful. And to think...there is only two people in this world that can say they helped these little children learn to write their names. That will be with them forever!”