Student Movement Leaders

It's important that we, as Student Movement Leaders, have a clear, consistent understanding of what a "win" looks like as we're leading students.

"We win when a student encounters God, is equipped to take a step toward owning their faith, and engages their lost friends in Jesus' mission."

This page will be a place for you to keep up to date on the happenings and training opportunities for you as a Student Movement Leader.


Leaders are learners... and when you stop learning, you'll begin to lose your effectiveness as a leader! We are offering several training opportunities for you this school year.


    We will get together face-to-face 4 times throughout the school year as Student Movement Leaders. The purpose of these meetings will be for training, development, community and fun! We will always have food for you. Please make every effort to be there!

    We will meet before church starts at 8:30am on the following dates:

    • Sept 24th
    • Dec 3rd
    • Feb 4th
    • April 29th
  • DYMUniversity

    I'd also like you to commit to learning as an on-going process throughout the remainder of the year. We have purchased your entrance into DYM University, an online video training course. We're asking that you complete session 101 by May 1st, 2018.

    You recieved an email with instructions how to login. Please note, when it asks for "Email" you need to put Pastor Nick's email in so we can track your progress. (

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    "55 Ways to be More Effective with Teenagers"

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